There are so many ways to receive training. Online training is available to SCTEISBE members, save the date training for onsite training hours, and local seminar/webinars available.

SCTEISBE certification is the cable industry’s premier endorsement for professionals. Prove your cable knowledge and gain recognition.

Members streamline the delivery of products & services and improve customer satisfaction, favorably impacting business results. 


AMT is your avenue to SCTEISBE Enterprise Membership, Training, and Certification



“In the darkest hour of my 35-year cable career, I reached out to inform colleagues of my unexpected employment status. Within 30 minutes, I had three calls with leads that resulted in the position I have today. They were all from managers who knew about me because of my active role in SCTE•ISBE. Now that’s value!”

Scott A. Wilber, BCT®-E, BDS-E, Senior Manager, Digital Video Engineering, Altice, and an SCTE•ISBE member since 1987

“When you are as excited about SCTE•ISBE as I am, it’s tough to describe its benefits in only a couple dozen words. I gain access to a very large,  comprehensive source of training courses and materials that keep me prepared for what lies ahead.”

Steve R. Murphy, CHQ Field Operations, Comcast Cable Communications, and 2013 SCTE•ISBE Member of the Year

“The most valuable benefits of membership are networking and access to technical information and training, often years before [new technology] makes its way into the network. As we deploy DOCSIS® 3.1, I am fully prepared, thanks in part to my SCTE•ISBE membership.” 

Andrew L. Laframboise, WAN OPS Manager, Rogers Communications Partnership

There are so many ways to receive training.

Build your expertise. Advance your career.

SCTE•ISBE members get access to the industry’s very best online training, designed to equip you for the job at hand and be marketable for the job to come. Now powered by CORTEX VirtuLearn™, SCTE•ISBE leads the globe in cable telecommunications education for new and seasoned professionals.

MicroLessons. Massive learning.

Introducing a NEW member benefit!  MicroLessons are short, focused learning segments on Fiber Deep, EPON, DOCSIS 3.1, R-PHY, and more that are a complimentary part of your SCTE•ISBE membership!

There's a webinar for almost everything.

As a member, you’ll have access to live and recorded webinars on the latest technologies that can be viewed by topic—and we’re adding more all the time. In addition to our monthly LiveLearning Webinars™ we also offer our Technology Series on hot industry topics and exclusive leadership webinars for our Executive members.

Answering the question “What is...?”

The SCTE•ISBE Primer series are short webinars designed to enhance your fundamental knowledge of industry technology and services. Check out these multimedia presentations when you want to learn new technologies, prepare for certification exams or just get a technical refresher.

Learn at lightning speed.

Our LightningMods™ allow you to get a clear and concise overview of course content and prepare your mind for training in as little as 10 minutes! And now you can test drive our new Network Architecture & HFC Overview Lightning Mod for FREE!

Save the date for training.

With thousands of hours of onsite training per year, we make it easy for you to expand your skills and learn the latest technologies. Check out the Technical Training Calendar to see what’s happening with our local chapters!

Chapter Technical Training 

Local seminar/webinar, vendor day networking, and
thought-leadership opportunities in our close to 70 chapters.

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SCTE ISBE is the applied science leader for cable telecommunications. Founded in 1969, the Society promotes technical workforce proficiency and provides thought leadership for the industry, equipping professionals to accelerate deployment of technology to drive business results.

Preparing the workforce for what’s next in technology, SCTE·ISBE can benefit all professionals in the industry, helping them to create an exceptional customer experience. Cultivating unmatched technical innovation, training, certification, and standards—with partners CableLabs® and NCTA—SCTE·ISBE creates value for corporate and individual members.

Cable-Tec Expo®

From monthly technical sessions and vendor days at its local chapters to its flagship annual conference, Cable-Tec Expo®, SCTE·ISBE brings the industry together as only it can for knowledge sharing, skills refinement, and executive leadership development—all of which keep the cable telecommunications workforce primed for accelerating the deployment of technology to drive business results.

SCTE•ISBE certification is the cable industry’s premier endorsement for professionals. SCTE•ISBE certifications are formed from a proven foundation of knowledge and are based on in-depth testing and ongoing professional development maintenance through continuing technical education requirements. SCTE•ISBE certifies cable telecommunications professionals in various levels of expertise across all areas of the cable network.

Prove Your Cable Knowledge

Enables individuals to demonstrate proficiency of relevant, career-enhancing technical knowledge.

Gain Recognition for Your Skills

Provides employers with an industry-recognized benchmark for technical expertise that may be incorporated into the hiring, promotion and other human resource management processes.

Why Become SCTEISBE Certified?

Promote Your Expertise

Identify yourself as a leader in your field. By maintaining and promoting your SCTE·ISBE certification, your skills with stay fresh on the latest technologies and you will stand out to current prospective employers.

Advance Your Career

Professional certification is a great way to demonstrate that you possess a solid knowledge of cable telecommunications technologies. Choosing to pursue SCTE•ISBE certification also says a lot about your drive, self-discipline and overall professionalism. That has the potential to lead to higher pay, promotions, and new job opportunities.



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Through free, discounted, and exclusive offerings, SCTE•ISBE keeps you up to date and ready for what's next in the advancing world of cable telecommunications technology.

Aligned with its Corporate Alliance Partners (CAP) and industry partners like CableLabs(C) and NCTA, SCTE ISBE prepares leaders by:

  • Identifying, determining, and communicating new industry trends and technology


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  • Developing the industry's technical standards and operational best practices; standards member companies provide expertise in: data and telephony over cable; application platform development; digital video; cables, connectors, and amplifiers; energy management; IoT;  wireless; PNM; and more.
  • Constructing and delivering technical training, certification, leadership, and career-path programs in concert with business strategies of the industry's corporate enterprises.

  • Extending valuable networking and mentoring opportunities