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Hardware – a range of elegantly designed pods, including the powerful tri-band SuperPod, that plug directly into power outlets to ensure reliable, whole-home internet coverage.

For the consumer – a comprehensive bundle of Smart Home Services delivered through a monthly membership model:

•   Plume Adaptive WiFi™ intelligently monitors, adjusts, and optimizes in-home networks to deliver Internet services at peak performance to every device.

•   HomePass® empowers the user to flexibly control guest and child access to the Wi-Fi network, set up profiles, and pause the internet.

•   AI Security™ detects and blocks potential security threats, customizes content access, and eliminates unwanted ads.

•   The highly-rated Plume appwhich will use the Provider’s brand, puts consumers in control of all of these home services.

For the ISP – a full suite of intelligent back-end support tools that enable service providers to manage in-home networks more effectively:

•   Tier 1, 2 and 3 support tools that help agents provide proactive guidance and accurate troubleshooting.

•   Data-driven dashboards which can be leveraged to make informed business decisions.

•   API integrations to seamlessly connect with existing OSS and BSS.

Nexgen Gateway

The NeXgen Gateway (NXG) is a powerful, two-way, future-proof platform that is ideal for delivering next generation video services to enterprise locations including hospitality, educational, multifamily residential, healthcare, business parks, or institutional “pocket community” settings.

NXG Platform Base – Master Controller Module, Mainframe, and Power Supplies provides:

•   IP routing and traffic management

•   System configuration and management via a powerful Linux-based monitoring and control system

•   Module interconnection via a 30 Gb high-speed backplane

•   Distributes DC power to various sections and modules via (2) fully-redundant, hot-swappable power supplies



3-RU RF Management

•   1.218GHz/DOCSIS® 3.1

•   Ultra-high rack density, 24 passives per 3 RU

•   Amplifiers, switches, optical receivers

•   MCX and F connector options

•   Front access attenuators and equalizers

•   Remote monitor/control included with all actives

•   SNMP/Web



5-RU RF/L-Band Management

•   1.218GHz/DOCSIS® 3.1

•   Passives, amplifiers and switches (F & BNC*)

•   Front access, attenuators and EQs

•   Make-before-break technology

•   1-RU Passives Chassis

•   2-RU Passive/Active Chassis


•   2x2 OFDM and OFDMA DOCSIS® 3.1 channels 

•   32x8 SCQAM DOCSIS® 3.0 channels 

•   Full Capture Bandwidth Tuner 

•   Multi Processor Technology with ARM and ATOM based Application Processor

•   4 port Gigabit Ethernet Router 

•   Switchable upstream filters for 42MHz or 85MHz operation 


•   2x2 OFDM/OFDMA DOCSIS© 3.1 channels 

•   32x8 SCQAM DOCSIS© 3.0 channels 

•   Full Capture Bandwidth Tuner 

•   Switchable US filter options include: 5-42MHz or 5-85MHz 

•   DS frequency range: 108-1002MHz 

•   Multi Processor Technology (ARM and ATOM based Application Processor)