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HFC Cable Plant Maintenance: Preventative Maintenance Optimizes Plant Performance


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RF signals exist throughout cable systems, in the headend to carry signal from video and data device outputs, through combining networks, into optical transmitters, and then from node receivers through distribution cable plant, to premise gateway/modems, and finally as WiFi carrier, and then back again for reverse. RF signal pathways are engineered according to precise specification as RF signals attenuate or degrade over distance requiring amplification. Amplification creates more noise which, along with many other factors including weather, pests, and aging, further degrades RF signals worsening plant performance.

Reactive or “break-fix” cable plant maintenance resolves problems degrading plant performance, though often follows common practices using work arounds due to time, skill, and/or material constraints. Service problems grow as underlying HFC cable plant problems are not systemically eliminated, and work arounds build. This results in worsening customer experience with unnecessary calls, service visits, truck rolls, and results in higher costs and customer churn.

Tests to determine if problematic practices/HFC cable plant issues:

  • Headend Alignment
  • Node Optimization
  • Active Balancing
  • Plant documentation
  • Aged Fielded Actives
  • Cable connectors
  • Noise standards
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"We have found AMT to be extremely professional in the execution of service as well as responsive to any concerns that we had. We have found consistent, and regular staff availability making AMT to be considered as part of the Team."

Jeff Jay, S&T Communications, Network Operations

"AMT has been great to work with. They are patient, professional and always ready to lend a hand or advice when needed, even if it’s not in the SOW. As we continue to implement future DOCSIS and HFC upgrades I plan to keep AMT involved in the design and implementation process as much as possible. I would recommend them to anybody wanting to do the same."

Chris Mullens, Rainbow Communications, Director of Operations

"The training AMT gave us was one of the best and most beneficial training sessions we have ever had at the GEPB. After you guys left, by using the correct alignment procedures taught to us, we were able to increase the SNR on our existing nodes by 7-8 dB on the return. That is a HUGE gain and we are seeing the benefits from it every day."

Josh Francis, Glasgow Electric Plant Board, Chief Technical Officer

Preventative Maintenance is regularly performed checks and repairs on HFC cable plant equipment (electronics/passives/cable) while the equipment is working, ensuring it is operating within specification to optimize performance and lessen the likelihood of unexpected failure. It conserves the life span of the equipment, avoids actual downtime caused by repeated breakdowns, and reduces calls, service visits, and truck rolls.

AMT Technical Services performs HFC cable plant preventative maintenance to validate and correct RF Signal routing in the headend, optimize nodes, and balance plant actives to end-of-line, documenting performance and adjustments made to achieve optimal plant performance. Additional services are available to sweep and mitigate noise if needed, set operational best practices for ongoing maintenance, and field train maintenance technicians.

Once your HFC cable plant is performing at peak, AMT Technical Services helps extend your plant with node splits and segmentation, increase capacity with DOCSIS upgrades, and reallocate bandwidth with midsplit!

Steps to Begin a Project:

1. Initial phone consult to set goals

2. System Questionnaire 

3. Onsite survey 

Once these steps are performed, needed engineering and implementation efforts are better understood, planned, and executed to deliver operational and HFC cable plant performance improvement.

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