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AMT Professional Services

Headend SolutionsHFC Plant SolutionsEngineering, Construction, Training Solutions

AMT future proofs your technology investment delivering turn-key solutions with leading distribution, in-house engineering and professional services.

Headend Solutions

AMT Professional Services provides solutions for video, voice, data, and monitoring applications on IP and RF networks to cable, telco, municipal, and private networks. Our drive for project excellence begins with our in-house engineering team understanding your requirements and designing your solution, then handing off to our Professional Services team to deliver. AMT is an electronics distributor offering turnkey services for system upgrades that are on-time, on-budget.

Headend Services

  • CMTS Installation and Upgrade
  • DOCSIS Bandwidth Upgrade
  • Service Groups / Passings Reduction
  • Optical Network Upgrade
  • Combining Network Upgrade / Node Split
  • Rack, Stack, and Wire (Inside Plant)
  • Video System Integration and Installation
  • Bandwidth Reclamation

Engineering, Construction, Training Solutions

AMT Engineering and Professional Service teams work together to design and deliver video, voice, and data solutions to cable, telco, municipal, and private networks. AMT’s distribution emphasis means we maintain exceptional relationships with our industry’s premiere vendors, and utilize our in-house expertise to incorporate their latest technologies into your solutions.

  • Engineering: System Survey and Assessment, Fiber Audit and Characterization, Architecture and Design
  • Construction: System Walkout, Staking, CAD Mapping, Permitting, Right-of-Way Acquisition, Environmental Clearances, GIS, GPS, Inspection, Aerial Construction
  • Financial: RUS, CCP, CAF, and Cost Recovery
  • Regulatory: Settlement Support, CLEC and ETC Filing, and FCC Reporting
  • Operational: Staff Augmentation and Field Training
  • Project: Logistics, Management and Quality Assurance

Engineering, Construction & 

Training Services

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HFC Plant Solutions

AMT Professional Services specializes in RF, and making your HFC plant capable of competitive high-speed-data by increasing US and DS bandwidth, upgrading DOCSIS for higher modulation, increasing service groups and reducing passings, eliminating noise, and re-optimizing the entire plant. We also field train in-house staff to keep it that way when we leave. AMT is an electronics distributor offering turnkey services for system upgrades that are on-time, on-budget.

HFC Plant Services

  • Storm Restoration
  • Fiber and Coaxial Splicing
  • Node Installation and Optimization
  • Amplifier Installation and Balancing
  • Noise Identification and Mitigation
  • Plant Sweep US/DS, Maintenance and Repair
  • Power Supply and Transponder Upgrade
  • Mid-Split Upgrade
  • Aerial Construction




"We have found AMT to be extremely professional in the execution of service as well as responsive to any concerns that we had. We have found consistent and regular staff availability making AMT to be considered as part of the team."
Jeff Jay, S&T Communications, Network Operations

"AMT has been great to work with. They are patient, professional and always ready to lend a hand or advice when needed, even if it’s not in the SOW. As we continue to implement future DOCSIS and HFC upgrades I plan to keep AMT involved in the design and implementation process as much as possible.  I would recommend them to anybody wanting to do the same."
Chris McMullen, Rainbow Communications, Director of Operations

"The training AMT gave us was one of the best and most beneficial training sessions we have ever had at the GEPB. After you guys left, by using the correct alignment procedures taught to us, we were able to increase the SNR on our existing nodes by 7-8 dB on the return. That is a HUGE gain and we are seeing the benefits from it every day."
Josh Francis, Glasgow Electric Plant Board, Chief Technical Officer

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