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DZS offers the industry’s widest portfolio of world-class, cutting-edge fiber access systems. Service providers looking for rock-solid PON need look no further than their own backyard, as DZS systems are manufactured in Seminole, FL and deliver gigabit+ speeds and phenomenal quality with exceptional value. With over 1200 customers in over 120 countries providing services to tens of millions of both residential and business subscribers, DZS is the right fiber access company to partner with in a hyper-connected world!


MXK-F 108

Fast GPON Deployment in a Pay-As-You-Grow Form Factor

8 GPON ports per unit service up to 512 subscribers

Fully environmentally hardened for remote node, cabinet, or CO deployment

Non-blocking architecture and intelligent processing for extraordinary scale and advanced services performance

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No hidden software license fees or OS charges

The DZS MXK-F 108 provides next generation 1U GPON OLT features in a compact, hardened form-factor that makes it easy and cost-effective to deliver uncompromising triple play services anywhere. It has 8 GPON Ports with various integrated power options. The ITU-T standard GPON technology provides 2.5Gbps downstream and 1.25 Gbps upstream bandwidth over a passive optical network on each of the 8 ports of the unit that can be split up to 64 ways (up to 1024 subscribers per 1U system).

With DZS flexibility, YOU can choose the network architecture that finds the right balance between capital cost optimization and scalability. The MXK-F108 platform also offers unmatched bandwidth with non-blocking capacity and leverages the well-proven DZS SLMS (Single Line Multi-Service) access operating system for sophisticated service intelligence.

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MXK-F 1421

Futureproof Service Capabilities with Unparalleled Deployment Flexibility and Scalability

The industry’s ONLY environmentally hardened full-scale chassis

Non-blocking architecture and intelligent processing for extraordinary scale and advanced services performance

Future-proof capability for GPON, XGPON1, XGSPON, NGPON2, 1G to 40G Active Ethernet, and future service requirements

No hidden software license fees or OS charges

16-access multiservice subscriber slots, and 2-network facing slots that can support 32,768 GPON subscribers in a single chassis

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The MXK-F is high-density fiber-based service platform to cost-effectively deliver standards-based 1G to 40G Active Ethernet, as well as GPON, XG-PON1, XGS-PON, NG-PON2, and other advanced fiber-based services for residential triple play and high-bandwidth business services over any FTTx architecture. Its architecture is designed around a dual star design with redundant ultra high-speed links to each subscriber line card slot for future-proof support of today’s and tomorrow’s hyper-connected, fiber-based world. Capable of being equipped in a redundant configuration, it also has a fully-distributed database and parallel firmware loading enable simple fast upgrades.

MXK-F provides a wide variety of network facing uplink options. These cards provide the network interface for cloud-bound link aggregation, link redundancy, and EAPS ring solutions allow daisy-chained linear or ring deployments, and on rings the MX-180/280 provides standards-based EAPS support.

The MXK-F1421 chassis supports up to 256 OLT ports, and with 128-splits and the use of Class C+ optics, the platform can support up to 32,768 ONTs. It also delivers functionality critical to today’s access networks with world-class support of advanced networking, quality of experience, security, and management, including smart OMCI.


Bringing high performance, Wi-Fi enabled gateway functions and extraordinary value to standards-based, Wi-Fi GPON ONTs

Supports standards-based GPON and 4GbE LAN interfaces and analog telephony

Management via OMCI

High-speed WLAN Wi-Fi meeting IEEE802.11b/g/n/ac

Designed for indoor use

IGMP snooping for IPTV applications

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Built for a hyper-connected world, the H660GM is a compact ONT that provides high reliability residential and business services in GPON networks. It is ideal for all applications that require POTS and a multitude of Ethernet interfaces for gigabit Internet. Gamers, telecommuters, and casual users alike will appreciate its high performance and wireless coverage, supporting multimedia services such as real time video, audio and gaming.

MXK-F 108

MXK-F 1421